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Welcome to the CALL OF DUTY MOBILE  Naija Mobile Rangers Nigerian Mobile Esport League brought to you by Naija Game Evo and powered by REDBULL Nigeria, a league that will be used to rank up Esport teams on the Nigerian leader board. The tournament will hold every last month in a quarter and $540  would be shared as pot prize between the top 4 teams on the table. 
Top 12 teams will get automatic seeding to quarter finals AT Gecon 2020 tournament
Time table for matches will be released 29-2-2020
Matches will kick off 7-3-2020
The event will kick off 10pm WAT and end 4PM WAT daily (Saturdays and Sundays)
Make sure you join the whatsapp , follow @naijamobilerangers and 9jagameevo on Instagram for constant info.
To join the tournament please contact Admin= 07069344866
League Format
ONLY Captains will be the ones to register for their teams 
TEAM CAPTAIN MUST REGISTER THE NAME OF THEIR TEAM ON THE WEBSITE(webisit is down at the moment so call admin for better explanation)
16 teams Max
4 weekends( Saturdays and Sunday) 
Time = 10am - 4pm daily
2 groups per day
first group match on Saturdays kicks off 10:45am

Group A
10:45am to 12:45pm (All group matches )
Group B
1:15pm to 3:15 (all group matches )
Group C
1:15 to 3:15
Group D
3:30 to 5:30
Matches mostly will be streamed live

4 teams Qualify at the end of the League/season for cash prizes
Entry is N5000 per team of (7) maximum per Season
Free entry only qualifies for 20 percent of winnings 

1st prize  = $250
2nd prize = $150
3rd prize =  $90
4th prize =  $50,

win = 100
draw = 50 
lose = 0 
2ND = 80 POINTS 
10TH = 0  POINTS
Positions will be given by points, in a situation where there is a tie, we use highest kill, in a position where highest kill is also a tie, we will use MVP( MOST VALUED PLAYER WITH THE HIGHEST KILL IN THE TEAM)  

Rules and Regulation
General Rules   In case of trouble encountered during the match in progress, a referee may be called ·        
They will naturally need as much admissible evidence as possible to make a good decision (bear in mind that they can't see everything that is happening to you!)
  Please upload your piece of evidence as soon as possible, before your referee comes into your game chat on Telegram ·    
Note that any abusive request will be punished

Please respect your opponents and referees, esports have to be gentlemen disciplines.
 Abiding by the rules means playing in a fair environment, and only this will let you show your real skills.
Talking courteously with your opponent(s), even if your game goes wrong, will always make you lose less time and generate less stress.

1. Ensure that your game is up-to-date:

1.2 During the tournament: During a tournament, it is imperative to check your opponent's ID before the start of the match, if you start the game despite the presence of an opponent in violation on this point, you will no longer be able to claim the win of the match by contesting this issue afterwards.

In case of a recent modification of the Games ID's a player may be allowed to play. He will have to prove the modification within the time limit given by the referee.
2. Preparation and launch of the game: ·  
2.1 Each captain has 7 minutes to confirm their current attendance and participation in the game by clicking on the button "I'm ready". If they don't do it on time, their team will be automatically disqualified.
2.2 Once you claim that your team is ready, the game must be launched as soon as possible or a referee will be entitled to make you lose the first round, or even more. (concerning the single-round matches, this will be a direct disqualification)
Remember to check all game settings before playing. ·       
Playing the game with wrong settings means you agree to play with these settings, even if the rules are not right.
If you play that game, it will be considered a valid game and you won't have the ability to ask for a referee if you lose it.
If you don't accept wrong settings, please immediately stop the game, ask your opponent to set them correctly, and if needed, ask for a referee

2.3 The team can only have 2 foreigners , the rest of the players must be based in Nigeria     

3.1 The organizer most likely will host the match but in a case where they dont, The player on top of the bracket (on the left side of the game sheet) hosts the first round (when applicable). 
The details regarding the preparation and the running of the game is included in the game rules section.
3.2 If a connection problem occurs, you need to refer to the connection/disconnection section found in the game rules.
3.At the end of the game you have to validate the results and to behave like a gentleman: fair play is the key to a good experience. 

4. Non-compliance to Fair Play Regulations:

  4.1 Keyboard and mouse on console: the use of keyboard and mouse and additional equipment offering an advantage (cronus, rapid fire...) on console is strictly forbidden, if this violation is formally noticed the player in question will be immediately disqualified and his opponent will be designated as the winner.
In case of recurrence of this violation, the player will be banished from the site.  
4.2 Insults / bad behavior: You must show respect to your opponent, if a bad behavior is denounced and proven by your opponent you will receive a penalty ranging from disqualification to the final exclusion of the site.
Insults and bad behaviors taking place on a platform other than ours site (console messages (Inbox), social networks, etc. ...) will also be sanctioned if it is proven that it is related to the match concerned.  
Others In the event of disconnection, the game must not be interrupted or left.
 The player must try to reconnect, if he does not succeed, the current match will still be counted.
  It is under no circumstances allowed to leave the game, if the entire team leaves the game once the game has started, the team will be considered as the loser.    The host is always responsible for the configuration of the game, if it is incorrect, the host will always be declared as the loser of the match

  Matches are played on 5v5 format  
All weapons, assets and equipment are allowed.
  Matches are played in Team Death match mode or Search and destroy   Spectators aren't allowed. 
  Party settings:   - Victory round limit: 0 - Time limit: 120 sec - Spectator: 6 - Room password: none  - Allow invitations: Yes   Maps: the host of the game must select the map imposed on the site (available in the match sheet or in the "cards" tab of the tournament)  ·    

 In case of dispute or disagreement on the result, proof will be requested by the tournament administrators (make sure to watch the chat at the bottom left of your game sheet)      
(1)All third party assisting software that changes the game content (e.g. cross hairs, game interface, SFX, speed, game screens, etc.) are prohibited during the tournament. If players violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking. The team/player will be disqualified and no prizes will be given. The individuals will be banned from competing.
(2)The use of items not obtained through CODM-approved in-game methods (excluding official rewards) or unannounced items is prohibited.
 If players violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking.
 The team will be disqualified from the tournament and the prizes.
 The individual will be banned from competing



₦5000 per item

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